Welcome to the 10th Civil Support Team

The Washington National Guard’s 10th Civil Support Team identifies and assesses suspected Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) hazards, advises civilian responders on appropriate actions through on-site testing and expert consultation, and facilitates the arrival of additional state and federal military forces.

Civil Support Team Fact Sheet

Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team Mission:

To support civil authorities at a domestic CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and high-yield Explosives) incident site with identification and assessment of hazards, advice to civil authorities, and facilitating the arrival of follow-on military forces during emergencies and incidents of WMD terrorism, intentional and unintentional release of CBRN materials and natural or man-made disasters in the United States the result in, or could result in, catastrophic loss of life or property. WMD CSTs complement and enhance, but do not duplicate, State CBRNE response capabilities.


The Adjutant General either employs the WMD CST to support the state response under the direction of the governor or to support another state’s response under a supported governor.

The WMD CST is comprised of 22 full-time, Title 32 AGR Army and Air National Guard personnel. The structure of the unit is divided into six sections: command, operations, communications, administration/logistics, medical/analytical, and survey.

Each WMD CST deploys, within 3 hours of notification, to an incident site using its organic assigned vehicles which includes a command vehicle, operations trailer, a communications platform called the Unified Command Suite (which provides a broad spectrum of secure communications capabilities), an Analytical Laboratory System vehicle (containing a full suite of analysis equipment to support the characterization of the hazard) and several general purpose vehicles. The WMD CST can also be moved by air, rail, commercial line haul or ship.