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Military Grade Computer Security and Why It’s Important Today

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Military Computers need to be the most secure, especially when containing sensitive data.

Military Computers need to be the most secure, especially when containing sensitive data.

For any website, including our very own, one of the most important things is the security. When it comes to military computers, security is one of the priorities, if not the most important priority. This is to ensure that no one can hack or intrude into the website and cause harm. That is why you need to be very careful when you are designing a military website. You need to take care of each and every security steps. This can be highly beneficial for the website to be safe and secured. If your website is not secured then you need to take some steps that will improve its security.

Technologies To Improve Security

Science has progressed a lot, undoubtedly. Many new technologies have been invented and discovered. With the help of these technologies, everything has progressed a lot, including high powered laptops that are able to process much more than years past. Even in case of military information and website, these modern technologies are used to make sure that the website is fully safe and secured. Military websites contain a lot of information regarding the country’s defense system which needs to be kept secret. Thus a good military computer security is very much important.

Hackers have got highly advanced and skilled nowadays. To match up with them and to stop them, security of the website has to be increased to stop them from intruding into your website. This can be dangerous if they can access all the information of the websites. Thus a proper security is very much important to ensure that your website is safe and secured. A secure military website or computer is very much crucial to safeguard all the data regarding the entire defense system, weapons, plans etc.

How To Choose The Best Security?

In order to choose the best security for a military computer, you need to make sure that you are relying on the best technology. Without a proper and great technology it is not possible. Also make sure you check the trail version to know more about the security. Without a trial version it is not possible to know everything about it.

Another handy tip, is to check the reputation, reviews and feedback of the service. This will give you a proper and clear idea about the effectiveness of the service. Thus you can make the computer fully safe and secured. You can also ask for the quotes from each of the web design experts to know more about the security policies and how it will work for you. Thus you can get a lot of information about this. So, do your research properly before taking a decision.

No doubt, military computer security is very important. Thus you have to be very much conscious about each and every step that you take. You need to know that the military or the defense system on the country is the base or foundation of it. If it is affected or attacked then the whole county is at risk. Thus you need to be utmost careful about it.

From Our Design Staff – Designing a Military Website

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When it comes to Government or Military website, you have to keep certain things in mind. You cannot go for flashy or stylish websites that people generally choose for other purposes. You need to keep them simple and minimalist. At the same time you have to keep in mind that it has to be user friendly so that people can easily navigate and full of essential information. But that does not mean you cannot make the website nice and good looking. Here are some of the points that you need to remember when you are looking for a design for military service.

#1: Templates Are Important

When you are choosing a website design for your military website, you have to keep to keep it simple. So, thus you need to look for the templates which are really great in looks as well as simple. There are many designs which are specialized for the military website. This can give you the best of the website. The design is the base of your website. If it is not up to the mark then, people will not like it at all.

#2: Easy To Use And Navigate

When you are choosing the best website design for military website, you have to keep in mind that the website is easy to use. You need to make it easy to navigate as well as informative. Make sure that the website has different blocks or columns which are allotted for different sections of information. Each of those sections should have proper information for the website. This is something very important.

#3: Pictures and Illustrations

When you are creating a website you need to know that picture and illustrations play a very important part. You can of course select the best design which gives you scopes to upload pictures. These pictures will help you to communicate with your clients properly. Thus you will get a lot of responses and feedbacks too.

How To Choose The Best Designer?

While choosing the best website designer for any government or military website, you need to look for experienced and skilled specialized designers. The designers who are meant for the designing of the websites related to military. Then you will undoubtedly get the best design for military or government websites you are creating. You also have to check out the past records and samples to get a good example. Reputation also very much important and you can know more about that from the feedback and reviews provided by the clients.


So, if you are choosing the best design for military website you need to keep all these above things in mind. If you search for the best service for web designing based on these, then you will surely get the best and the most reliable web designing company for yourself. A good website should have a proper design and all the essential information. Both of these go hand in hand. And thus, you need to keep in mind that you have to choose the best design.

Military Men and Women on Leave, Leave a Promise at Home

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Promise rings have been around for a long time. In this regard, there are many myths that surround the idea of giving these types of rings. It is critical to dispel the myths but at the same time understand why military men on leave will want to get a hold of a good ring for their girlfriend or partner. First though, what is the difference between these rings and engagement rings? Below is an insight into some of the elements that come to play in this respect.

Military men mainly use them to keep a promise and as a reminder of love, trust and commitment. The good news is that these rings are widely available in the market. Military men on leave can shop from the comfort of their space online and choose something suitable for their loved ones. Many rings are also affordable and depending on the budget you wish to spend, you will find specialist sites that provide you with the desired variety. Military men on leave can surprise their girlfriends or partners and there is noting more thoughtful than this. It keeps romance alive and boosts morale to tackle different field challenges for survival for military personnel.

Promise rings for men (and women, of course) are used to convey or deliver a message, a commitment. In the military, promises are critical because the nature of work can mean life or death. In this regard, every service man who has a special person in their lives will want to express their commitment and love and through this ring; this message is conveyed. In addition, a military man can reassure their partner that they will come back and live happily together after serving in their designated locations. Promises are excellent to hold on to and many military men have been able to fight and survive in the battle field to keep the promise they made to their partners.promise-rings

Rings that are given to convey a promise do not necessarily mean that marriage is around the corner. This is a myth that has formed over the years. These rings can simply symbolize a lasting commitment to love without necessarily having marriage in the picture. In fact, these rings enable military men who are not ready for marriage to cement their relationships and keep the flame of passion burning. Long term relationships based on commitment and trust is what these rings reinforce.

Unlike what people think, these rings are not just for teenagers. Although teenagers can use them for different symbolism, many young adults and older people alike will use the rings to achieve the desired results in their relationships. In the military, it really does not matter the age of a person because they will utilize the rings to make vital life promises to loved ones. Another element is that these rings can be exchanged by friends. It does not have to be a romantic relationship to give a promise and commit to it. In the military, the rings come in handy to communicate the promises to different types of people and relationships.

Family Programs Mission

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Taking Care of Our Guard Families and Veterans

Need Help?
Call 1-877-585-5655

Washington National Guard
Joint Services Support Directorate (JSS)
Building 3
Camp Murray, WA 98430
24/7 Hotline for all services 1-800-364-7492

The Joint Services Support (JSS) Directorate is designed to be a one-stop center for all Washington Guard Veteran and Family Readiness services.

Headquartered in Building 3 on Camp Murray, with locations at armories all across the state, the JSS is here to help no matter where you are located in Washington State.

The JSS is responsible for Transition Services, State Family Programs and a Resiliency Care Team.

Family Programs, Employment & VA Assistance………..……….……1-800-364-7492
Resiliency Training, Counseling, Suicide Prevention………..……….…..1-877-585-5655
Joint Services Support Front Desk……………………….……….……..253-512-7881
Joint Services Support Employment………………….………………….253-512-8540
Suicide Prevention LIFELINE……………………………………….1-800-273-TALK

Get Connected/Stay Connected
WA Guard Facebook………………………..…
WA Guard Twitter……………………….…… or @Wa_Natl_Guard
WA Guard Website……………………….……….……………
JSS Faceebook……………………………..……………
JSS Twitter…………………………………… or @JSSWA

Family Programs is primarily an Information and Referral Resource.

  • To support Service Member and their Families effectiveness
  • Train to build Family self-reliance
  • Coordination of programs and services that assists Family Members before, during and after deployment.

There are 12 Family Assistance Coordinators (FAC) stationed throughout Washington State in local armories to assist Service Members and their Families with numerous issues.

What FACs do…

  • They are a Federal, State and Local Family/Soldier Resource Center
  • Provide ongoing support for Military Families and outreach
  • Work in conjunction with military units and their commanders in providing necessary support with the Chain of Concern

If you have a question about benefits, resource or financial assistance please contact a local FAC and they will help you. If you don’t know who your FAC is please call this number and we’ll direct you to the right one. 1-800-364-7492.



Credit and Financial Advice From Family Assistance Coordinators

We understand how hard it is to manage your family budget.

We can make it easier for you!

Here’re just a few things we can take care of:

  • financial guidance for your family;
  • assistance with getting military loans,
  • expert advice on improving your credit;
  • special financial support for the poor veteran families;

You will receive all three scores from the major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. This will give you a deeper understanding of your current credit and how it works for your family.

Resources (Updated 2017):

How to Raise Your Credit Scores & Get the Best Interest Rates in 2017

Other Helpful Resources for Military Families publishes several resources on Disaster Preparedness, including information on how to protect your home and valuables.

US Federal Government Releases Web Design Standards

kj9ejl No Comments has released new design standards for federal government websites. has released new design standards for federal government websites.

The Federal Government has recently took up the challenge of documenting an official guide for how federal websites should be designed, structured and presented to the public.  This is a welcome modernization, as many critics have complained over the years over the lack of innovation and modern technical wherewithal of government bureaucracies.  Putting out an official “style guide” gives government websites the potential to be a consistent and enjoyable experience for users.

The guide comes from a relatively new government website,  It stands, apparently, for “Chief Information Officer” and is a nod to the title held by executive level computer professionals.  The site, as a whole, works to cover the changes in technology of the federal government.  A new section, however, has been added that gives a style guide to all of the federal government.

Some of the principles of the guides are:

“Make the best thing the easiest thing” – This is a standard in web design that is sometimes called the “priority of clarity”.  That is, if nothing else, the goal of design is to make things clear to the user.  Confusion is a failure of design.

“Accessibility out of the box” – Accessibility is making websites easily usable by people with disabilities.  Many people use the web with things like “Text to speech” readers, or require sub-titles/closed captions on videos.  “Making the web accessible to all users should be a priority of all web designers, but it often falls through the cracks.” say Tom, owner of MangoMatterMedia, a Brisbane web design agency, “It’s nice to hear that the federal goverment would make disabled accessibility a priority, moreso than standard web designers might”.

“Design for flexibility” – This is obviously necessary since the guide will be covering dozens, if not hundreds, ofunique and different sites.  Using a common style guide among all those sites means that it needs to be flexible enough to make each site unique, but also have commonality that the users will recognize.  This can be done through the creative use of color schemes and various structural design treatments.

“Reuse, reuse, reuse” – Like the old ecological mantra, “reduce, reuse, recycle”, this one is about making the most out of what is already made.  In other words, don’t invent the wheel, when you can reuse one someone has already developed.  The team as researched and reviewed the best practices of many different private and public sector design treatments to come up with something that was exemplified the best of the bunch.

Do you think Washington Guard has met up with the expectations of the style guide?  Or do we have some work to do?