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Public Advisory: Avoiding Overheating and Heat Stroke During the Summer Months

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Heat stroke, overheating and heat exhaustion are some of the common side effects of excessive heat during the summer months. Overheating and dehydration of the body is caused mainly by heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion occurs mainly due to the body losing water or salt to a point where the normal body functioning is altered. Extended periods of strenuous physical exercises in hot and humid areas worsen the condition due to excessive loss of body fluids via sweating.

Heat StrokeHeat stroke on the hand is a serious health condition which affects the body’s cooling system. This condition is also referred to as “sunstroke” and is caused by the body temperature elevating to a point where some parts of the brain and other internal organs are damaged. At this point, the part of the brain that controls the cooling system of the body stops working and the body is not able to cool itself. This may result in strain on the lungs, liver, heart and even the kidney. Heat exhaustion causes overheating which in turn may lead to heatstroke if not spotted and treated early.

How to avoid overheating and heat stroke

These health conditions can be mild and transient in most cases; however, engaging in some strenuous physical activities worsen the condition and may lead to hospitalization. While you are out in the hot and humid environments or during the summer months make sure you have the following in place:

  • Put on loose-fitting, light-colored and light weight clothing. Excessively tight or dark clothing holds unnecessary heat and this won’t let your body to cool as it inhibits sweat evaporation.
  • Avoid direct contact with the sun- when going outdoors; wear wide-brimmed hat or work around with an umbrella to avoid sunburn. You can also choose to apply sunscreen to the exposed parts of the body.
  • Make sure Air Conditioning is maintained – In the off season consider getting an technician to check out the AC units in your home or business.  One example is air conditioning repair Manassas VA, which has a special program for checking the function of AC units as the weather starts to turn hot.
  • Drinking plenty of fluids- staying hydrated in one way of keeping your body cool and maintaining a normal body functioning . In case you have a limit to the intake of fluids, be sure to check this with your doctor to avoid inconveniencies. You should also avoid alcoholic beverages and take extra precautions with some medications.
  • Avoid hot spots- these include some crowded places or even your parked car. During summer, the car temperature can rise up to about 20 F in just ten minutes. Before you can ride your car, let it cool off and if possible, don’t leave anyone else in a parked car. Instead, seek a cooler place with an air-conditioning or proper ventilation. A well- shaded place from direct sunlight can also be a good option to avoid that excessive heating.
  • Allow your body to acclimate to the heat- if you travel somewhere and the temperature suddenly jumps higher, take some time before trying out some exercise in the area. Ideally, it’ll take up to some weeks before the body get used to the high temperatures and this time is enough for your body to adjust to the new environment.

In the case of adverse side effects such as lack of sweating, rapid breathing, racing heart or muscle cramps; seek medical assistance as soon as possible to avoid serious health problems.

Revealed: An Overview of The Various Traditions of Military Weddings

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Military wedding customs and traditions date back centuries when officers carried their swords for far more than ceremonial purposes. Today, with many women serving in the military, there are, inevitably, new rules of etiquette that are added to the ceremony. In this article, we provide an overview of how to have a spectacular wedding whilst still respecting the traditions of the armed forces as follows:

Bridal party’s military wedding attire

This begins with the overall formality of the wedding. For example, if the wedding theme is white tie tuxedos, then the officers are required to wear full dress regalia. In case of a less formal or black tie wedding, an officer could wear his/her dinner uniform. However, lower-ranking and non-commissioned service members should wear well presented standard uniform dresses.

Female officers

Military WeddingThis is really dependent on the bride. For instance, she could wear her uniform or her white wedding gown if she so chooses. Here, the same formality rules apply to both service men and women. Another consideration would be to look to the established rules of the various branches of the military in order to be guided on attire.

Military ceremony- The traditions

Some things are common among civilian weddings and military weddings (like engagement rings, proposals, bouquets, etc). However there are many differences, including between the various brances of the military.  Since each service branch takes pride in its own rendition of the ceremony of arch and swords, we take a look at a few of the protocols below. However, if you are looking to add a true military feel to the day’s events, it is advisable to carefully scrutinize each of the respective traditions.

· Army– Here, as the couple leaves the altar, each officer holds a ceremonial sword over them as they find their way from the chapel or church. And as the newly married couple pass through the last two swordsmen, these two officers cross their swords in a symbolic gesture meant to prevent the couple from leaving. Thereafter, the second officer standing behind the bride swats her gently on her rear end before welcoming her to the army. They are then allowed to leave the arch.

· Air Force– In this branch of the military, the sword bearers turn and face the bride as she makes her way down the aisle and then rotate to face her as she passes them. During the ceremony, they face the Bible and after the ceremony is over, again rotate to watch her leave.

· Marines/Navy– In these branches, swordsmen also double up as ushers and are not supposed to swat the bride at the end of the procession. Remember, in all sword ceremonies, bearers are required to wear white gloves.

· Commanding officers– They usually sit on the front row with their spouses if the parents of the bride and groom are absent. If present, they sit next to the family members of the military member who is getting married.

· Military chaplains– They are not required to charge a fee for conducting the service. However, military protocol stipulates that they ought to receive a formal invitation to the reception accompanied by their spouse.

Cake tradition

Besides elaborate sword ceremonies, a long held military tradition is cutting the cake with a sword. This is done as the groom holds his hand over the bride’s as they both cut the cake. Remember, each military branch tends to cut the cake a little differently so it is usually a good idea to liaise with an expert when planning the reception. However, one big no-no is failing to decorate the sword. This cuts across all military branches.

Benefits of VA Loans and Military Credit Unions in 2017

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United State military members and even their families have financial requirements because of how they might often have to move and travel in order to serve the country well. Service members might not easily have easy bank access when traveling, they have to depend on a financial institution which can easily coordinate cash transfers to family members and offer attractive interest rates. Fortunately, several VA Loans and Military Credit Unions give a range of competitive rates, financial products, and extra military members’ perks.

The best credit unions directly compete with banks. They normally have a structure for lower cost, because they are not out for profit, they are managed mainly by volunteer members, and do not pay income taxes. Listed here are the benefits of VA Loans and Military Credit Unions in 2017.

1. Better interest rates: Typically, you will receive between three and ten times higher rates on every deposit account at the ideal credit unions compare to commercial banks (not online banks however, that pay higher rates). This will include checking, savings, and money market type of accounts. Credit unions always provide the perfect returns on deposit certificates (share certificates). The latest national average rate available on 30-year VA fixed loans are: 3.59%, almost .60% which in general is less than the national average for 30-year fixed loans.

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2. Lower borrowing costs: Credit unions both give loans and credit cards, but those given by credit unions really cost less. Credit unions are always used for car loans as a result of their enticing rates. Their APRs on credit cards, mortgages and personal loans are often lower too.

Military Loans3. Closing Cost Limits: Mortgages normally comes with fees as well as closing costs. However, the VA limits what veterans can really be charged with regard to these expenses. Certain costs and fees has to be covered by some parties in the transaction. These kind of safeguards assist to make homeownership cheap for homebuyers.

Usually, VA borrowers can ask a seller to pay their entire closing costs, that can add up based on the loan amount. There’s no any guarantee that the seller will accept that request, veterans however can surely ask in the negotiation process.

4. Reduced fees: Normally, National banks rely on collecting fees to meet their requirements for profit, particularly when interest rates are low. Credit unions do not make profits, and then the money saved will defray costs that otherwise would require fees – withdrawals, check charges, electronic transactions, and so on. Credit unions also give free checking with no any minimum balance or even monthly service charge. Truly, some of the best credit unions charge will bounced-check fees, those fees however are smaller and forgiven in some cases.

5. Customer service: Credit union, as a mutually owned organization, naturally members adopt a customer-friendly target, since the entire customers are members too. Credit union branches are normally small, so it really becomes easy to create relationships with those working there. Credit unions additionally have a tradition of giving financial education which banks seldom give.

6. Flexibility: Banks actually function by the numbers – if you don’t have a good credit history, you might simply not be given a credit card. A more flexible approach is given by credit unions and work with members, even those with troubled histories, to easily find solutions.

Recovering from Natural Disasters – Tips in Choosing a Contractor

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Washington Guard is dedicated to safeguarding the people and property of the State of Washington, and we have put together a series of resources on disaster preparedness.  In this guide we will go through some of the recovery methods after a disaster has hit, in particular how to choose a contractor that will help to restore damaged property after a disaster.

Disasters create a lot of market for contractors. In most cases, whether you have a repair project such as a roof replacement, driveway replacement or repaving, finding a reliable and efficient contractor with the right tools and resources to complete your project on time with the highest quality workmanship can be challenging. There is a sheer volume of contracting companies that are available for you to choose from.

1. Ask for quotes.

Contractor for Natural DisastersWhen hiring a contractor, the first thing you need to be sure about is your budget. So, when you are meeting a contractor, ask for the quotes. Most of the contractors come to your home, inspect what has to be done and give a quote based on this. You can get to know if they are professional and know about the work from this. You can speak to them to get to know how long the work takes, and what happens during the course of work at what stage during the first meeting. This will tell you if they have the right work sequence in the mind, and the duration to complete the task can be got. You can meet a couple of them, and compare the price, quality of work, duration and professionalism before you come to a conclusion.

2. Look for experience. 

When hiring the contractor, check how long he or his company has been into the industry. Experience matters a lot, for they know how to do the best work for amazing costs. They know the quality of different materials and can come up with best ideas. Experience is a proof for the reliability. The payment terms too should be discussed. Put the same in the contract. A few companies ask for a specific percentage of amounts on completing the task. You have a hold, for the entire amount is not paid till the work is completed.

3. Check the license of the company. 

Having a license for the company is the most important thing that one has to pay attention to while hiring the experts for doing the work. When one is indulging in a conversation with various contractors who will do the Carpentry or any other task of construction, check for the license. A quality company will always have the license or any legal agreement for the work they are doing.

4. Bonding and insurance. 

If a contractor is undertaking the work of rebuilding or renovating the home, make sure that they are bonded and insured, particular for roofing contractors and other specialized companies. Specific states also play a big role and have different regulations, for instance a California contractor bond has different regulations than one in Washington state, so make sure your company follows the respective regulations of the region.  Any company, that offers flooring as a part of the home repair, should be well aware of all the legal liabilities that come along. They should also offer an insurance for any damage caused during the work that is being undertaken.

If the company does not take responsibility for the damage, then they might not be insured. If the damaged goods are not properly recovered, chances are that you will have to pay for the project entirely.

5. Get feedback or reviews from previous clients. 

You can use the internet to find out the views of other people or rather clients who have previously hired the company’s services. A good contracting company that offers good services will definitely attract positive remarks.

Additionally, your friends, relatives, and colleagues can provide you references to avail quality services for the kind of work you need. Word of mouth marketing is great in helping you find services suiting your requirements. Doing so would also allow you to analyze the kind of work the contractor performs and the end results. It will help you take the right decision.

The process of recovering from a disaster can be easy and efficient if you look and hire the best contractor to do the job. So to lessen the stress, make sure you find the right contractor to help you.