Army Medical Department (AMEDD)
in the Washington Army National Guard

“There are many reasons to choose a career as a health care professional in the Washington Army National Guard. Whether you are involved in direct patient care, research, disease prevention, or allied health care fields the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) has an abundance of opportunities. The Army Health Care Team is one of the largest comprehensive systems of health care in the country.

  • Medical Corps
    As a physician in the National Guard you'll be working alongside professionals who are every bit as committed and focused as you. Medical corps officers provide a wide range of health care to Soldiers. During combat, medical corps officers oversee the emergency medical treatment of casualties and make sure Soldiers are healthy and combat-ready.
  • Dental Corps
    As an Officer in the Dental Corps you'll spend time doing what you care about most — directly treating patients
  • Medical Specialist Corps
    The Medical Specialist Corps is a professional group of Physician Assistants who provide patient care, wellness education and injury prevention to Soldiers.  As a Physician Assistant, traditionally you will practice under a licensed Army Physician, however, you may be the primary health care provider in your unit.
  • Nurse Corps
    Registered Nurses and Family Nurse Practitioners play a critical role in maintaining the medical readiness of the men and women who serve in the Army National Guard.
  • Medical Service Corps
    is comprised of numerous specialties, to include: Medical Administration, Behavioral Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Preventive Medicine, and Aviation.

AMEDD Student Recruiter Program:

Medical, dental, and masters-level Physician Assistant students in the Army National Guard are eligible for a direct commission. Qualifying for the program is easy: students must join the Army National Guard and be enrolled in good standing or have a firm unconditional written acceptance from an accredited professional school leading to a degree in allopathic medicine (MD), osteopathic medicine (DO), dentistry (DDS or DMD), or a masters level Physician Assistant studies program (PA) in the United States.

Once in the program, ASR participants  are assigned to work with Officer Recruiting and are obligated to assist local medical recruiters to recruit medical, dental, and physician assistant students in their respective schools and degree programs.  This could include helping recruiters with presentations to fellow students, participating in local student organizations as a representative of the Army National Guard, or simply maintaining brochures and recruiting information within the school.
Above all else though, ASR participants should focus on their studies and complete their degrees!  Contact your local OSM for more information!

AMEDD Board Deadlines FY 2011

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