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The Washington Army National Guard is currently seeking NCO's to attend Drill Sergeant School and to serve as M-Day Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP) Cadre Drill Sergeants.  Currently qualified Drill Sergeants may also apply to serve in these positions.

RSP Cadre Drill Sergeant Program (M-Day)
The RSP Drill Sergeant will utilize the skills learned at Drill Sergeant School to prepare Non-Prior Service Soldiers within the WAARNG for future success at Initial Active Duty Training (IADT). As Coach, Teacher and Mentor, the RSP Drill Sergeant becomes a vital member of the RSP Site Cadre.

Drill Sergeant School
If selected, you will be required to attend Active Component Drill Sergeant School for 10 weeks at Fort Benning, GA, Fort Leonard Wood, MO or Fort Jackson, SC.
Soldiers who are already Drill Sergeant qualified may be required to attend a 2-week refresher course.

Drill Sergeant Requirements
Drill Sergeant Candidates must:

  • Hold the rank of SGT, SSG or SFC
  • Incur a 24–month obligation for DS duty. (See Note 1)
  • Minimum GT Score of 100 (waiverable to 95)
  • Minimum physical profile (PULHES) 111221
  • High school graduate or GED equivalency
  • Warrior Leader Course/PLDC (WLC/PLDC) graduate for SGT or BNCOC graduate for SSG (waiverable by NGB-ASM only)
  • Qualified with the M16A2 in the last 6 months
  • Minimum of 3 years time in Service (TIS)
  • Meets the HT/WT criteria of AR 600-9. (See Note 2)
  • Able to pass the APFT (no substitution of event). (See Note 3)
  • Displays good military bearing; has demonstrated the capability to perform in positions of increased responsibility
  • No record of emotional instability through Mental Status Evaluation/Interview (must be attached)*
  • No documented speech impediment*
  • No record of misconduct during current enlistment, or in the last 5 years, whichever is longer:*
    1. No Article 15's or other disciplinary action during past 5 years.
    2. No record of any court martial conviction in the Drill Sergeant Candidate's career, provided it has not been reversed by a higher court.
    3. No record of conduct in violation of the Army's policy on participation in extremist organizations or activities.
    4. No record of assault on a subordinate, spouse, or child.
    5. No record of misconduct during the Drill Sergeant Candidate's career involving moral turpitude (See Note 4)
    6. No record of misconduct to include the following offenses:
      • Driving under the influence (DUI)
      • Assault
      • Any drug related offense
      • Larceny/theft
      • Traffic violations with six or more points accessed
      • Court-martial convictions
  • No observed negative reaction to stress*
  • Have a minimum of two years remaining on enlistment.
  • Have a Commander's Evaluation by a LTC or higher.


  1. Drill Sergeant Candidates must take appropriate action to meet the length of service requirement prior to attending school. The 24-month obligation begins on the actual reporting date to the gaining Recruit Sustainment Program.
  2. If the Drill Sergeant Candidate is overweight, action must be taken to ensure he/she is within compliance with AR 600-9, prior to class start date.
  3. If the Drill Sergeant Candidate is having difficulty passing the APFT, action must be taken to ensure he/she can pass the APFT prior to class start date.
  4. Moral turpitude involves misconduct of the following nature: incest, bestiality; homosexual activities; adultery; sexual activity with subordinate Soldiers; fraternization; sexual harassment; indecent acts with minors; or rape.
  5. Medical waivers are not authorized for this program, moral waivers are not authorized.

* NOTE: A response of "yes" will eliminate a Drill Sergeant Candidate from consideration for the Drill Sergeant Program. Supporting documentation must be included. NCOs that receive a positive mental health evaluation following a negative mental health evaluation can be allowed into the DS program.

Drill Sergeant positions in Washington will be located in Spokane, Walla Walla, Yakima, Centralia, Camp Murray, Kent, Port Orchard and Snohomish. The number required at each location will vary.

All interested soldiers must fill out the submission form to NGB.  WAARNG will then be notified of your interest in becoming a Drill Sergeant, and candidates deemed qualified by NGB will then be contacted by DS Chris Llewellyn to continue the process of filling out required paperwork.  WA is currently ONLY accepting RSP Cadre Drill Sergeant (MOS Immaterial), not anyone for the Augmentee program.  Once all requirements are met, a board will be held and an Order of Merit List will be established and Drill Sergeants will be selected from this list.

Contact us below to find out when the Drill Sergeant School dates are.

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