Air Guard Outstanding Airman Of The Year For 1998 Selected

Air Guard Outstanding Airman Of The Year For 1998 Selected

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Story by Maj Herb Porter – Photo courtesy WADS

Subsequent to this article SSgt Moore went on to be selected as the top Airman for the entire Air Force (active and reserve component). Well done SSgt Moore!
MOOREThe Air National Guard recently selected Staff Sergeant Jay Moore, a Weapons Director Technician who serves with the Western Air Defense Sector (WADS), located on McChord Air Force Base, Tacoma WA, as its Outstanding Airman of the Year for 1998. SSgt Moore was select from amongst competing Air Guard Airmen and NCO’s from throughout the United States.

Staff Sergeant Moore joined the Washington Air National Guard in 1996 and was stationed at the Western Air Defense Sector at McChord AFB. Previously he had been assigned to Fort Lewis, WA as a Carpentry and Masonry Specialist with the 864th Engineer Battalion, having served in Desert Storm. He first enlisted in the military in 1986 in the Air Force Reserve, as a member of the 307th Red Horse Squadron. He was promoted to Staff Sergeant in December 1998.

To win such a prestigious honor, Sergeant Moore consistently demonstrated extraordinary performance in many diverse jobs, fulfilling a wide variety of responsibilities, while supporting the WADS air defense mission. He was the only airman who was qualified as a WDT consistently excelling at coordinating with air traffic control agencies for transferring aircraft control responsibility and conducting effective intercept missions. Sergeant Moore further demonstrated his outstanding operational expertise by timely coordination and superb situational awareness during several WADS evaluation exercises. In addition, he exceeded Air Combat Command’s Graduated Combat Capability standards by over 600%, completing more intercept training missions that 92% of any other WDT in the sector this year. And on top of that, Sergeant Moore is only one of three airmen qualified on two operational duty sections, maintaining a second qualification as a Tracking Technician, responsible for detecting and tracking airborne objects within the WADS 1.9 million miles of airspace.

Being the Air National Guard’s top airman is quite an accomplishment. Many echoed that sentiment upon learning of his selection for such an honor. Former State Command Chief Master Sergeant Marvin King aptly summarized it. “To have SSgt Moore recognized as the most outstanding airman in the entire Air National Guard is a tribute, not only to him, but to all the enlisted men and women of the Washington Air National Guard”. He further added, “It is also a tribute to the outstanding leadership at WADS which fosters and environment that reflects the Air Force core values. I personally salute Sergeant Moore on his achievements and I thank him for being the kind of person who will be a model airman for our future”. Another accolade of praise came from Sergeant Moore’s flight superintendent, Senior Master Sergeant Dave Gorham; “Sergeant Moore is constantly hungry. He is always looking for new challenges. I wish I had twenty more like him”.

When asked about his selection, joining such a unique circle of individuals, Sergeant Moore took it all in strive, saying: “It is a really good accomplishment for me. I am shooting for Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year next year”. In terms of other immediate goals, Sergeant Moore plans to also complete his Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. He is also the cornerstone of the Sector’s Honor Guard, having served as a member of the flag detail in numerous official functions. His dedication and enthusiasm is further evident by his support of unit and base intramural activities, including the WADS football and Over-30 basketball team.

As a result of his selection, Sergeant Moore will be the Air National Guard’s nominee for the Air Force’s 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year Competition. He was also the Washington Air National Guard’s Airman of the Year and the WADS Airman of The Quarter for 1998.

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