Branch and Tree Removal is Important for Disaster Preparedness

Branch and Tree Removal is Important for Disaster Preparedness

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That are many different important elements to preparing for potential disaster, and as part of Washington State Disaster Preparedness, Washington Guard has put together some guides on how to best handle preparedness for potential hurricanes, tidal waves, earthquakes and other disasters.  In this guide we will speak about one element that many homeowners and citizens neglect to account for, and that is the potential for fallen trees and branches ones a storm or disaster occurs.

There is no way to fully insure that trees won’t come down in the event of a hurricane or earthquake, perfectly healthy and sturdy trees can still fall victim in the event of a large natural disaster, but there are ways to avoid damage and potential injury during moderate storms or winds via the use of diligent tree removal and branch pruning.

Fallen Tree on Long Island, NY

Fallen Trees present a real danger to person and property. Diligent tree trimming and removal is strongly recommended by citizens.

A common source of injury and property damage is fallen tree limbs and branches.  High winds, rain and snow, or other events like earthquakes, can topple trees at a moments notice.  One way to mitigate some of this damage is to practice diligent tree removal and branch removal on your property and surrounding areas.  There are many experts that will handle tree removal for your private property, as well as many government agencies that are meant to handle it for public parks, streets and areas that affect power lines and other public utilities.

One tree expert from Tree Removal Long Island spoke with us about the importance of homeowner diligence, especially with the risk that hurricanes and other natural disasters pose on the live and property of citizens:

“We saw it in with Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Irene, Long Island was a disaster area.  Even healthy trees came down all over the place.  Weaker trees that should have been taken down and removed years back were sure goners.  Even moderate storms can bring down weak trees and branches, so it’s really important to keep them trimming and pruned back as much as possible”.

Some of the common mistakes that homeowners make:

  • Assuming a tree is healthy.
  • Not servicing overgrown limbs.
  • Not reporting trees that are impinging on power lines.
  • Letting Tree Disease spread throughout the property.

These common mistakes might not have immediate repercussions, but overtime the health and stability of trees and large plant life on your property could be adversely affected by elements such as “tree disease, rot and general weakness/death of the tree”, according to Rhode Island Tree Removal.  Some trees can remain standing for years after they have blossomed their last leaves, and each passing year means they will come closer and closer to collapse.

It is recommended that property and homeowners survey their lands at least once a year to account for any weakened, overgrown or diseases trees and plant life.  You can contract with a professional licensed tree service to get this done on a regular basis.

In addition, citizens are strongly encourages to call in any instances of downed trees, hanging limbs, impinged power lines or any other potentially dangerous situation to the local authorities.