Services Provided

CDTF is a comprehensive unit that offers a Schoolhouse to train Law Enforcement personnel, a Drug Demand Reduction Team that reaches out into the community from youths to elders.  Additionally, CDTF provides matter experts in the field of data analysis as well linguistic expertise to law enforcement agencies.  Other services include prevention, treatment, airborne surveillance and even international joint support.


Drug Demand Reduction (DDR)
Western Regional Counterdrug Training logo

The primary purpose of this training institution is to provide counterdrug and narco-terrorism training to military and civilian law enforcement personnel.  WRCT’s geographic area includes Washington State, Alaska, Oregon, Guam, California, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming and Montana.

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Washington National Guard Counterdrug Task Force logo
Washington National Guard Drug Demand Reduction program logo

Our DDR Programs focus on educating the public about the dangers of drugs and teaching them about making positive life choices. This is done in a variety of manners, to include after school programs, summer camps, in-school programs and mentorship programs.

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Aerial Surveillance
Criminal & Intel Analysts
OH-58 helicopters with crew
RC-26 fixed wing aircraft on runway

From the air, CDTF is equipped with high tech OH-58 helicopters and RC-26 fixed wings.  Providing air support to ground recon units, spotting illegal activities and the ever tedious function of day and night surveillance.


A Washington National Guard intel analyst hard at work

CDTF is providing highly qualified Criminal & Intel Analysts to Law Enforcement Agencies across the state.  Linguists are also called to duty for foreign language interpretation and analysis.  Languages represented are: Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Tagalog, German and Portuguese.

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