Cougars vs. Huskies – The Apple Cup (Washington College Football)

Cougars vs. Huskies – The Apple Cup (Washington College Football)

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Washington State Cougars vs. Washington Huskies in this years Apple Cup

The Washington State University Cougars faced off against the Washington University Huskies in the annual “Apple Cup” this past Friday.  The yearly Washington College Football showdown proved to be a disappointment to Cougars fans, who saw their teem fall by a significant margin of 45-10.  The Huskies took advantage of some recent injuries to the opposing quarterback (an apparent concussion occurring in last week’s game) and were able to solidify a lead early on.

The Cougars ended up with seven (7) turnovers, which is the most the team has given up in over 6 years, dating back to their 2009 game against Hawaii.  Several of the turnovers were a result, directly or indirectly, of the inexperienced 2nd string quarterback for Washington State.  While the Freshman Luke Falk did throw for 288 yards, they failed to take advantage of several scoring opportunities in the first half alone.

This game saw it’s share of injury as well, with Washington State wide receiver (WR) Gabe Marks suffered an apparrent right knee injury, after being bent awkwardly during a play.  This play was followed quickly by another scoring drive by the Huskies.

The Cougars will still be going to a bowl game again this year (making it two years in a row under their current coach), but they were plagued by turnovers and missed out on a 10 win season.  Interceptions and fumbles were both returned, for 69 yards and 28 yards respectively, by Huskies’ Jones and Gardenhire.  One certainly has to wonder if anyone picked either of these teams in their daily fantasy football league, and how they felt about the outcome, it certainly couldn’t have been pretty for Cougar fans.  The Huskies were favored in the game, but certainly not by such a large margin.

The Apple Cup has been around for over 100 years, and this years game is just the latest edition.  It is customary for the game to be the last game of the regular season, usually on or around thanksgiving, and they alternate which stadium to play the game it (with Washington taking the Odd years, and Washington state taking the Even years).  This years results are no surprise to historians of Washington State Football, as the Huskies lead the rivalry decidedly with a 70–32–6 record over the last century plus.

The winner of the cup is presented with a trophy from the Governer of Washington State, in fact for many decades the trophy was simply called “The Governors Trophy”, but was renamed to give a nod to Washington States large production of apple crops.  Looks like WSU will have one more year to hold the trop (in addition to bragging rights), the Cougars will have to wait until next year.