National Level Exercises Overview

The Joint Force Headquarters of the Washington Military Department (including the Washington Air and Army National Guard and the Washington Emergency Management Division) has sponsored a multi-year homeland security exercise series starting in May of 2006 and running each year through May of 2009. The exercises will focus on interagency coordination and support, and will combine full-scale exercises at the local level with reporting through city and county operations centers to the State Emergency Operations Center at Camp Murray. The exercises will also include deployment of Federal and State resources in support of the local agencies and jurisdictions.
The primary goals of this exercise series include:

100_0558Development of interagency coordination and cooperation
Integration and synchronization of the activities of emergency responders throughout Washington
Incorporation of the capabilities of Federal partners
Providing opportunities for emergency responders to exchange best practices and lessons learned.

RR-related activities in subsequent years will help to integrate and synchronize cross-border operations and support with local and Federal Canadian organizations and agencies.

Throughout the RR series the Washington Military Department will act as the lead coordinating agency, soliciting support from the various agencies and governments involved, and providing scenario-development software and computer support.