Fallen Heroes

he Washington National Guard Honors the Memory of Our Fallen Heroes

We Will Never Forget

Our deepest condolences go out to all family, friends and comrades-in-arms. Selfless sacrifice such as these brave souls serve as the ultimate exemplar of duty to the cause of freedom and the defense of our great nation. Please also visit: http://www.timeofremembrance.org/.

MSG Tommy Carter killed in action – 25 April 2004+ helmet_rifle_boots
SGT Jeffrey R. Shaver killed in action – 12 May 2004
SPC Daniel P. Unger killed in action – 25 May 2004*
2LT Andre D. Tyson killed in action – 22 June 2004*
SPC Patrick R. McCaffrey killed in action – 22 June 2004*
SPC Jeremiah W. Schmunk killed in action – 08 July 2004
SPC Donald R. McCune II died of wounds – 05 August 2004**
SGT Quoc Tran killed in action – 07 November 2004
SFC Michael Ottolini killed in action – 10 November 2004
SGT Damien T. Ficek killed in action – 30 December 2004
CPL Glenn J. Watkins died of wounds – 05 April 2005
CW2 David Shephard killed in action – 19 September 2005***
SSG Christopher Vanderhorn killed in action – 01 January 2006
1LT Jamie Campbell killed in action – 07 January 2006++
SGT Velton Locklear killed in action – 23 September 2006
MAJ Guy “Bear” Barattieri died of wounds – 4 October 2006***
MAJ Alan Johnson died of wounds – 27 January 2007+++
SPC Samuel Stone died of wounds – 31 May 2009
SGT William Spencer died of injuries – 25 Feb 2010
* Five members of the California National Guard died while assigned to the 1-185 Armor Battalion, CAARNG. This battalion deployed to Iraq in 2004 as part of the WA-based 81st Brigade Combat Team.

** SPC McCune transferred from the Michigan National Guard in order to deploy with the 81st Brigade.

*** Special Forces officers who served in the initial liberation of Iraq in 2003 and later were killed while serving as a contractor at time of death.

+ MSG Carter was a former member of A/1/19 SFG (A) and was killed as member of Oregon National Guard

++ 1LT Campbell was a former member of the 66th AVN BDE and was killed as member of Alaska National Guard

+++ MAJ Alan Johnson was a long time member of the WAARNG who was later killed as member of 402nd CA BN, USAR