122nd MPAD Is At It Again

[122nd Is Back Home! (Jul 00)]

Story by MAJ Philip Logan, Photo Courtesy 122nd MPAD   -   Posted Feb, 2000

SGT Jack Eden (SPC when this photo was taken), a Journalist with the 122nd, during his Annual Training at Yakima, June 1999

     This is the second federal mobilization of the 122nd MPAD since 1997, when the unit deployed to support the NATO peacekeeping mission in Bosnia.

     During the past two years, the unit has also been activated for state missions during the Washington State University (WSU) student civil disturbance in the spring of 1998, and to the "Makah Days" activation in August of 1998.  The 122nd MPAD was alerted for a second Bosnia rotation in January 1999, but was later "stood down" from alert due to U.S. troop reductions in the region.

     Throughout November the unit trained at Fort Lewis and Camp Murray to prepare for the mobilization, which is expected to be six- to nine-month in duration.

     Their mission will be to provide Public Affairs support to U.S. and allied units in the field, produce newspaper and video products and to escort local, national and international members of the media.  Unit members will be working at several locations in Kosovo and Macedonia.

     During their deployment, the 122nd MPAD will be sending stories and photos back to Washington, and they will be posted on this website.  Stay tuned to follow them, and the U.S. Army mission in Kosovo.

     The 122nd MPAD is the second Washington National Guard unit to deploy to support operations in Kosovo.  This past summer, the 141st Air Refueling Wing, based at Fairchild Air Force, WA, deployed to support the bombing campaign over Yugoslavia.