Tuition Assistance For Citizen Soldiers

Story by Robert Lowrey*; Photos by SPC Charles Ames   -   Posted Jun, 2001

University President Jerilyn S. McIntyre (l) and MG Timothy J. Lowenberg (r) signing documents authorizing new partnership

For the college-bound student, few employers offer the array of educational benefits of the Washington National Guard. Programs such as Montgomery G.I. Bill, College Credit for Military Training, Tuition Assistance, the Washington Guard Scholarship, and the House Bill 1601 "Space Available" Waiver create an incomparable package.  The Guard's 'educational arsenal' has now been increased by one with the introduction of a 25% tuition waiver for Guardsmen attending Central Washington University.

Beginning with the 2001-02 academic year, up to 20 full-time Central Washington University students who are enlisted in the Washington National Guard will receive 25%  tuition waivers.

During a recent ceremony on the Ellensburg campus, university President Jerilyn S. McIntyre and MG Timothy J. Lowenberg, Adjutant General of the Washington National Guard signed documents authorizing the new partnership.

"When I meet current and future cadets, its always a marvelous group of students," Mrs. McIntyre said.  "It just shows why this is a good thing to do.  Its a benefit to the institution to have those deserving young people here.   Its a benefit to them as well, because it helps them come to college and gives them leadership experience.  Its a mutually beneficial partnership and were glad to be part of it."

Adjutant General addresses ROTC students about the new program

MG Lowenberg added: "Like many of the students at this university, I come from a small town, rural background, and ROTC is what opened the world for me.  It helped me work my way through both undergraduate classes and law school.  ROTC has had a life-altering affect on me personally and I know it will for the students whose windows of opportunity will be opened widely because of the new program here." Under the new accord, students may use the new CWU tuition waivers in conjunction with other National Guard educational funds for all but summer quarter classes.



MG Lowenberg presents SFC James Blackheart with Adjutant General's coin

"We have a saying in the Washington Military Department; One team, one vision building the future together", MG Lowenberg pointed out, "and I really believe we are building futures for many deserving people."

During the ceremony, SFC James Blackheart, Yakima, also received the prestigious Adjutant Generals Coin to acknowledge his efforts to initiate the new program.




* Mr. Lowrey is the Media Relations Officer for Central Washington University